Toddler Health and Safety

Toddler Health & Safety

Toddlers are very curious little beings. They tirelessly explore their surroundings and they will do whatever it takes to reach the desired item. By doing so, they often risk a potentially serious injury. And saying “no” does not help. On the contrary, it even increases their desire to reach a particular item.

Your toddler is not misbehaving just because he or she ignores your warnings and nos. The thing is that toddlers are unaware of the danger they put themselves into when climbing a bookcase for instance. So if you want to prevent your toddler from injuring himself or herself, you need to think on potential dangers for him or her.

Besides helping you toddler proof your home and provide your child with an intellectually stimulating yet safe environment, we will also help you deal with common toddler health issues. Fever, constipation, diarrhea, night terrors and separation anxiety are only a few of many health related concerns that may keep you awake during the night. The solution, however, is often much simpler than you may think. Together, we will go through the things that can cause the mentioned health problems and how to help your child as well as when to call your pediatrician.

Our Toddler Health/Safety section also offers information about early signs of autism that typically develop during toddler years, what to do about bedwetting, and how to protect your child against chicken pox. Also, we took a look at what to do if your toddler is having imaginary friends which is a lot more common than you may think.