Toddler Activities

Toddler Activities

Toddler activities that are fun and appropriate for your child’s age will keep him or her entertained and if carefully chosen, boost his or her cognitive and motor skills. There are no sure ways to raise a little Einstein, however, it is worth to take advantage of toddler activities that are both fun and educational. Listed below are only few of many activities your toddler will most certainly enjoy and benefit from.

Reading. By reading to your toddler, you will not only spend a quality time with your child and arouse his or her interest in books. Studies have shown that reading increases children’s vocabulary, boosts imagination, and improves their language skills and early literacy. Schedule reading time at least once per day and choose books your child enjoys.

Smart toys and games. There are many toddler toys and games that are fun and stimulative either mentally or physically, or both such as puzzles, Lego toys, ”Duck, Duck, Goose”, etc. Games and toys that require physical activity will help your child improve his or her motor coordination, while those that require thinking will boost his or her cognitive development. In addition, toys and games that involve rules stimulate development of social intelligence and memory as the child needs to remember the rules and learn to be patient in taking turns or achieving the goal.

Drawing, painting and coloring. All toddlers enjoy drawing, painting and coloring which also helps them distinguish between different colors, sharpen their fine motor skills and stimulate creativity as all require experimentation with colors. Give your toddler a coloring book with exciting images and a blank paper, and remember that the colors and shapes do not have to be perfect. Also, keep in mind that toddlers should not be left unsupervised while they paint, draw or color because the crayons, dyes and color pencils pose a risk of ingestion and injury.

Dancing. Toddlers love music which makes dancing a fun exercise that will also help your child strengthen his or her motor skills and develop a sense for rhythm. Get some CDs with popular children’s songs or play whatever your toddler seems to enjoy the most.

Watching TV and playing computer games. The electronic media is not necessarily your enemy. Carefully chosen TV programs and computer games can be fun and educational at the same time. However, make sure that you limit all activities that involve screen watching to at most two hours a day. Also, never leave your toddler unsupervised when watching TV or playing games on your computer.

Mix it up. Do not focus on few toddler activities alone in order to provide your child an optimal balance of activities that stimulate physical and mental development as well as to prevent your toddler getting bored of the same routine. However, do not overload your child with too many activities either because they can make him or her tired and achieve the opposite effect from that indented. Just as important is to choose activities that are suitable for his or her age and in the first place, entertaining because toddlers are primarily interested in things that are fun and amusing.