What to eat to get a baby boy has become a hot topic recently. Baby gender does not really matter, however, it is completely normal to keep your finger crossed for a baby boy if you already have two girls for instance. Some parents, on the other hand, would like to see their firstborn to be a boy in order to be able to look after his younger sister. But whatever reasons you have for preferring a baby boy, you may be able to increase your chances with the right diet.

There are some indications that pre-pregnancy diet has a major influence on baby’s gender. Furthermore, a recent study has shown that women who consume about 2,200 calories a day and eat their breakfast have higher chances of conceiving a boy. But there is more. Just as important is acidity of the foods you eat. Let’s see how your diet can influence your baby’s gender and what to eat to get a baby boy.

The proponents of the theory about a link between pre-pregnancy diet and baby’s gender believe that the key lies in acidity of your body which in turn is influenced by the foods you eat. According to the theory, the vaginal PH has a tremendous effect on the sperm making it produce either a baby boy or baby girl. And since the so-called Y-sperm which makes a boy is not able to survive in vaginal acidic environment for long, you need to make your vagina less acidic if you want to conceive a boy. The so-called “alkalizing” can be achieved with the right diet and douching.

But what about the story about bananas? The myth that consumption of bananas increases your chances of conceiving a boy bases on the theory that you should eat foods which are high in potassium and sodium. It seems that there is something on this theory, however, bananas are high in potassium but contain very little sodium. If you think that this theory is worth to try, choose figs, raisins, nuts, apricots and baked potato with skin instead of bananas. At the same time, reduce consumption of foods which are high in magnesium and calcium content such as yogurt, cheese, leafy green vegetables and legumes because they are believed to increase the chances of conceiving a baby girl.

Increased consumption of foods high in potassium and sodium, and avoidance of foods high in magnesium and calcium content, however, do not guarantee that you will conceive a boy because they do not solve the key issue – your vaginal PH. In order to make it more alkaline, you should eat alkaline foods such as most vegetables except for corn and avoid acidic foods such as most types of meat and whole grains as well as a number of fruits. Interestingly, oranges are actually alkaline although you may expect them to be acidic.

You can regulate your vaginal PH exclusively with your diet but this takes quite some time. If you would like to conceive as soon as possible, you should try with a combination of alkalizing diet and douching. But before you start with douching, test your vaginal PH. If it is too acidic, buy a solution which helps lower PH and test your vaginal PH after a few days.

Lowering your vaginal PH to the ideal levels, however, is not enough. Just as important is to have sex when you are ovulating and use the sex positions which assure deep penetration in order to shorten the trip of the sperm to the released egg.

Learning what to eat to get a baby boy, lowering your vaginal acidity and calculating your ovulation day may seem a lot information to deal with but it is not that difficult to remember. When you figure out which foods are alkaline and which ones are acidic, you are already halfway there.