Pregnancy Clothes

Pregnancy Clothes

The days of boring pregnancy clothes are long gone and there is no need to give up your style of clothing just because you are pregnant. With so many stores offering fashionable yet comfortable pregnancy clothes, you can look good and feel good throughout your pregnancy. However, there is no need to rush into buying new clothes as you will most likely feel completely comfortable in your usual wear by the end of the first trimester. On the other hand, it will not hurt to check the offer of maternity clothing before your usual clothes become too tight in order to know where to look for new pieces of clothing when needed as well as to get familiar with the latest trends in maternity fashion.

Before you start buying any new clothes, it may be worth to look in your closet for two reasons. Firstly, you may discover that you have several pieces of clothing that may fit you perfectly during the first months of pregnancy and secondly, you most certainly have lots of accessories such as scarfs, bags, jewelry, socks, etc. that are worth to keep in mind when selecting new wardrobe. They can help you turn the simplest pieces of clothing into chic and fashionable outfits as well as create a continuity with your pre-pregnancy style of clothing.

When you start to feel tight in your pre-pregnancy wear, it is time to get some some new clothes. You have to options when it comes to pregnancy wear – go for larger sizes of your usual clothing or look for pieces of clothes that are specially designed for pregnant women. The first option may seem very tempting, however, you may have difficulties avoiding appearing big because they are not just bigger in waistline. Maternity clothing, on the other hand, is designed with a great deal of attention to body changes in pregnancy which is why most women feel more comfortable as well as more feminine wearing pregnancy clothes.

Comfort is another important factor to pay attention to when choosing between different pieces of clothing because you need to be comfortable in order to feel good, especially when pregnant. Go for natural fabrics such as cotton, flax, etc. which will not irritate your delicate skin. Very popular choice are also elastic fibers enabling you to look feminine and stylish without making you feel uncomfortable. However, avoid buying lots of things at once because your body is going to change until labor which means that the clothes you have bought at the end of the first trimester will be of no use in the last trimester of your pregnancy. There is no need to buy a full closet of new clothes either because you will wear them only few months.

In addition to comfortable and fashionable maternity clothing, you should pay attention to comfortable footwear. Pregnancy is not the time for high heels because they aggravate back pain, ankle swelling, varicose veins and some other pregnancy symptoms which you may experience during your second or/and third trimester. Get some low heeled and comfortable shoes if not having any and store those high heels away for the next few months.