6 Months Pregnant

6 Months Pregnant

You and your baby have made it over the half-way point of this amazing journey and into 6 Months Pregnant! What an accomplishment, but don’t run out of stamina yet—there’s still a long road ahead, not to mention the final “push” at the end. If you haven’t yet considered it, this might be a good time to think about childbirth classes, especially if this is your first pregnancy. The remaining months will go by fast, so plan ahead. Most expectant moms report the sixth month to be a quite comfortable time in the pregnancy. Some of the early symptoms such as morning sickness and fatigue have passed, and you may feel a burst of energy and excitement as you begin to anticipate your baby’s arrival. You should still take it easy though, despite these feelings, and begin reserving your energy for the eventful months ahead.

Mother’s Body:
As your due date comes into view, your body will start preparing baby for life outside the womb by fattening him up as much as possible to keep him warm after delivery. This means you’ll start gaining weight more rapidly before—usually at a rate of about one pound per week. If you’ve been one of those lucky moms-to-be that have been able to escape maternity clothes up until now, that will most likely change this month, and as your uterus expands beyond your bellybutton, there will be no mistaking your condition. All of this extra weight gain—though completely normal and healthy—can take a toll of your back and legs. If you begin experiencing regular aches and pains, try a heating pad or hot water bottle in addition to adequate rest and calcium and potassium-rich foods such as milk and bananas. You may also begin experiencing uncomfortable side effects such as heartburn, constipation, and/or hemorrhoids. If over-the-counter medications do not ease these ailments, talk with your doctor about other possible prevention and treatment strategies.

About Baby:
Your baby will be very active this month—so active that you may be able to see as well as feel his kicks and flips. You may even be delightfully surprised to find that the baby responds to the sound of your voice as well as other familiar voices and sounds. Your little one’s heartbeat will become so strong that your family and friends may even be able to hear it through your belly. Your baby’s skin is still somewhat transparent, allowing the veins to remain visible, though it is slowly gaining in pigment. Baby’s skin is also quite wrinkly at this stage and will remain that way up to and following birth as your little one literally grows into his skin. As you rapidly gain weight, your baby will follow suit, and could gain up to a whole pound this month. By the end of this month, your baby could weigh up to two full pounds and stretch an entire foot in length. Your baby will also be able to open his eyes toward the end of the sixth month though his vision will remain blurry up until weeks after delivery.

Many women are relieved to know that after this month, their baby would have a pretty good chance of survival if he were born premature. Although this is true, it’s also important to remember that every day that your little one is safe inside your womb, the more prepared he will be for the big day. Although you may not be able to prevent an early delivery entirely, taking care of yourself and getting plenty of rest can reduce your risk.

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