5 Months Pregnant

5 Months Pregnant

5 Months Pregnant is one of the most exciting times in your pregnancy as you will have the opportunity to find out the sex of your baby and see the little one for the first time! That means, you can start choosing color schemes and designs for the nursery and shopping for cute little baby girl or boy clothes. You may be having so much fun with your preparations that you barely notice your belly growing more rapidly than ever before. That’s ok; hopefully, you have a good stock of maternity clothes by now, so you should be able to remain semi-comfortable this month as you make the big plans.

Mother’s Body:
It is normal for women to reach a ten to fourteen pound weight gain this month. Don’t worry about your weight though—just concentrate on eating healthy foods and continuing a moderate exercise program. This is not only good for you, but for your baby as well. In addition to substantial weight gain, you may also notice that you are forgetting things more frequently and are unable to think as clearly as you normally do. This is a perfectly normal side effect called “pregnancy brain” and is nothing to be overly concerned about. An ultrasound will likely be scheduled this month to check on the baby’s development, identify gender, and confirm your due date. The technician will squirt some gel onto your belly and then use an instrument to “look” into your womb. An image will show up on the monitor situated alongside the bed, and you’ll get the very first glimpse of your new baby! Take extra good care of yourself this month as your body is working overtime to support the rapid growth of your baby. In fact, your heart could be doubling its efforts to support both you and your little one, and your lungs and kidneys are working harder as well. The extra weight you are carrying around may begin to take its toll, and you might start experiencing leg and abdominal cramps as well as aching feet and a sore back. Take every opportunity to sit or lie down to rest, and accept any massage offerings from your spouse or significant other this month.

About Baby:
During month five, your baby will begin to take on even more of the characteristics of a fully-grown baby. For instance, hiccupping, yawning, and even blowing bubbles in the womb are typical activities for your little one as he patiently awaits his arrival into the world. Baby is also becoming sensitive to light and can tell whether you’re in a well-lit or dark environment. The baby may even move his hand to cover his eyes when exposed to bright light. Your baby has gained the ability to hear, and the sounds that are most audible are the sounds of your voice and your heartbeat. If your husband has developed the habit on speaking or singing into your belly, assure him that his efforts are not going unnoticed. Real skin is also beginning to develop this month although it is still see-through at this point. At the end of the fifth month, your baby will be around ten inches in length and could hit the one pound mark!

Amidst all of the activity and excitement going on during the fifth month of your pregnancy, begin taking more and more time for yourself to relax and rest. Even if you are still feeling vivacious, your energy levels will begin to wane as your belly grows larger and you gain more weight. Setting a good relaxation routine now can help you prepare for the months ahead when you will really require the extra rest. Begin spending some additional alone time with your spouse this month as well. After all, your time as a family of two is quickly coming to an end!

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