2 Months Pregnant

2 Months Pregnant

2 Months Pregnant experience is important one as it marks the first physical signs of pregnancy. Up until this point, you may not have even realized you were pregnant, but by now, there are some unmistakable signs. Although the signs may not be visible to others, they are certainly noticeable to you. If you haven’t already, you should schedule an appointment with your OB-Gyn as soon as possible. Early prenatal care is a necessity for the health of you and your new baby. You should also begin taking prenatal vitamins even if you haven’t seen your doctor yet. This will ensure that your baby is getting the nutrients needed for healthy growth and development, and prevent birth defects such as spina bifida. You should also begin to make some lifestyle changes if necessary once you realize you are pregnant since smoking and consuming alcohol can be harmful to the fetus.

Mother’s Body:
Although there may be only slightly perceptible changes in your physical appearance—for example, your breasts may have enlarged quite a bit, darkened around the areola, and become rather tender—the real changes are going on inside your body. As your body prepares to nurture your baby for the next seven months, it is fast at work producing hormones such as estrogen and progesterone that are important to your baby’s growth. As your uterus expands to make room for baby, it will begin putting pressure on your bladder causing you to have to use the bathroom more frequently. You may also feel extremely tired, weak, or nauseous, and you might notice an increase in appetite as well as some strange food cravings. These are all normal symptoms of pregnancy, and many of them will subside as you enter the second trimester. It is also normal to either gain or lose a few pounds during this stage depending on which is stronger—your morning sickness or food cravings.

About Baby:
The changes happening to your body are nothing compared to those happening to your baby. Although it is still quite small—approximately the size of an acorn and weighing about a third of an ounce—the baby’s heart has already formed, the arms and legs are expanding and beginning to take shape, and the baby’s fingers are beginning to separate. Facial features and ears are beginning to form as well. The spinal cord is beginning to form, and the baby’s brain is growing at an exponential rate, producing about 100 new brain cells every minute. As your baby becomes stronger and more vital, the cartilage begins to turn to bone, forming the skeletal structure. The baby’s organs including the lungs and appendix are beginning to form as are his intestines. Although these changes are occurring to your baby, they are also happening inside of you, and can leave you feeling quite depleted. Be sure to get enough rest and snack throughout the day to maintain your blood sugar levels.

The second month of your pregnancy can be an exciting time, but it can also be quite uncomfortable and a little unsettling. It’s perfectly normal to feel frightened or apprehensive about the changes taking place in your body. In fact, there is no right or wrong way to react to the pregnancy as it is a very personal experience. Allow yourself to adjust both physically and mentally to your new condition, and do not put any undue pressure or stress on yourself at this time. Reach out to others and accept any emotional support they extend to you. Remember, by taking care of yourself, you are also taking care of your baby.

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