PregnancyCongratulations on your pregnancy! You have entered one of the most exciting periods in your lifetime which, however, involves both pleasant and a little bit less pleasant experiences. It is completely normal to feel both happy and sad, thrilled and scared and splendid and miserable at the same time. Pregnancy is a major life event and just about all expectant moms have tons of questions, concerns and fears about their changing bodies, growing baby and changes a child brings. is here for you to help you prepare for the changes you are about to experience.

Almost immediately after conception, your body starts to change dramatically. Together, we will go through all trimesters of pregnancy, month by month and week by week in order to help you understand and prepare for the changes you will be going through over the next 9 months. Here at, you will be able to learn how your body prepares to support the new life that is developing inside your body, how your baby grows from fertilization of the egg until delivery, when you will be able to feel the first kick, etc.

Being pregnant unfortunately is not all fun. We have therefore decided to cover the most common complaints such as morning sickness, nausea, cramping, constipation, hemorrhoids, etc. and how to deal with these unpleasant but mostly harmless pregnancy symptoms. But since complications are not impossible, we have also included possible issues you may experience and how to distinguish between normal pregnancy symptoms and signs of potential complications.

Over the next 9 months, you will probably often hear that “eat for two” proverb and various tips and advices with some of them being very helpful and some completely useless or even harmful. Our section Eating&Dieting covers all the aspects of healthy pregnancy including what (and how much) to eat to provide your developing baby with optimal conditions for healthy growth, foods to avoid, how much weight to gain and much, much more in order to help you make healthy choices for you and your baby. There are no old wife’s tales but only the latest expert opinions on healthy pregnancy diet and lifestyle.

Our What is…Knowledge base section offers useful information on various pregnancy topics including hormonal changes, amniotic sac, mucus plug, Braxton Hicks contractions, dilation, fetal movement, etc. They will help you get familiar with the common terms and educate yourself on pregnancy related topics. The more you know about this unique time of your life, the more you will enjoy it. will also help you with one of the most fun parts of being pregnant – choosing baby names. Our baby name database enables you to explore the most recent baby name trends, which names are “in” and which ones are “out”, cool baby names according to their origin, their meaning, etc. enabling you to have fun and get some ideas in case you do not know how to name your baby yet.

If you are having questions about how soon can you detect pregnancy, what are the signs of pregnancy, how you can benefit from massage or perhaps more delicate issues such as sex during pregnancy, is the right address as well. No matter if you are pregnant for the first time or if you are a “veteran” mom, we are here to help you on your 9 month journey and make it as enjoyable as possible.