Parenting Types and Influence

Parenting Types & Influence

Parenting is not always fun and much less easy. There will be times when you will need to make difficult decisions that might be perceived as unfair by your kids. And sometimes, you might see anger or sadness in their eyes for not allowing them to have it their way. But there is no reason to worry that they hate you or that you are not a good parent. Kids need their parents’ guidance and sometimes, discipline as well. It is for their own good and you know it.

Your approach to parenting has a major influence on your kids in every aspect. And it does not only influence their behavior but it also influences their personality. How to raise your children is of course your decision alone, however, both you and your children can benefit a lot if you understand how particular parenting styles can affect your children. We therefore encourage you to take some time and read our parenting articles to see if you are too authoritarian or too permissive, and if there is perhaps any room for improvement from your side.

Besides enabling you to learn more about the effect of your parenting style on your kids, we will also help you deal with challenges which you may face if you are a teen, single, gay, step or foster parent. We have of course also included lots of information and useful tips on discipline which, unfortunately, cannot be avoided no matter which approach to parenting you follow.

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