Being and Living as Parents

Being Parents

Being a parent is probably the most difficult job in the world and there is no reason to feel bad just because you think you could use some advice on parenting. There is no such thing as perfect parents and there is always room for improvements. The main difference between parents is that some are open for suggestions from the experts and the others are not, wrongfully assuming that it means they are bad parents.

In our Being a Parent section, we will help you learn more about the effect of your parenting style on your child. We asked the experts to explain how particular parenting styles affect a child in terms of behavior, self-esteem and self-perception in order to help you understand that your approach to child raising has a far-reaching impact on your kid which will define him or her as a person when adult as well. But we also asked the experts to tells us what can you do to become a better parent and help your child become a happy, self-confident and well-behaved little person.

A child’s behavior and personality are not only shaped by his or her parents’ approach to child raising. Just like parents, children are very different too. And it is not unusual for the same methods that work perfectly for one child to fail completely for the other. We have therefore also asked the experts to tell us more about this issue and what advice they can offer to parents of gifted children who pose a unique challenge in terms of parenting.

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