If you want to erase stretch marks from pregnancy, you should act before you notice the first red, pink or purplish streaks on your belly, buttocks, thighs, arms or/and breast. Ideally, you should start with stretch mark prevention measures during the first half of pregnancy because it is very difficult to erase stretch marks from pregnancy when you already notice the first streaks. But if you already have a few streaks, following stretch marks preventive measures may help you prevent formation of new ones.

Stretch marks are small streaks in the skin which are caused by a combination of stretching of the skin due to weight gain and inadequate skin elasticity. Since pregnancy and weight gain go hand in hand, stretch marks are particularly common in pregnant women. The belly is the most commonly affected area as this is where the skin is stretched the most but it is also possible to develop them on other parts of your body including breast, things, buttocks and arms. More than one half of all pregnant women are estimated to develop stretch marks in certain extent, however, that does not necessarily mean that you have to be among them.

It is not fully understood why some pregnant women develop stretch marks and the others do not but genetic factors are thought to play a role. Thus women whose mothers and sisters developed these bothersome streaks during their pregnancy are more likely to develop them too. At increased risk of stretch marks are also pregnant women who gain more weight than recommended and those who are carrying twins or other multiples.

Although the skin is very elastic, the pace of weight gain during pregnancy can cause it literally to streak resulting in red, pink or purplish scars which are almost impossible to get rid of once you develop them. They become less noticeable over years but they never completely go away. But rather than keeping you fingers crossed, you should try with stretch mark preventive measures which will help you to avoid them completely or at least reduce their severity.

To erase stretch marks from pregnancy massage stretch mark prone areas at least once per day, use special anti-stretch-marks creams labeled safe for pregnant women, drink plenty of water and eat vitamin rich foods. Hot tubs are also reported to help prevent stretch marks but you are highly recommended not to soak in too hot water because it is dangerous for your baby. If you intend to use this method, make sure that the water temperature is never above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.