Baby Nutrition

Baby Nutrition

Is your baby showing interest in the foods you eat or/and approaching six months of age? If so, your breast milk or formula is probably no longer meeting his or her nutritional requirements. But what foods to offer your little one? And is there anything you should not give him or her? Should you continue to breastfeed/formula feed your child? Is organic baby food really that healthy? You can find answers to all these and many other questions about baby nutrition in our Baby Nutrition section.

Together, we will go through the basics of baby nutrition and help you make healthy baby food in your kitchen. Fortunately, babies are not as picky as older kids which allows you to prepare really healthy meals and snacks. We will help you choose foods that are loaded with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients but we will also tell you which foods to avoid in order to prevent potential health problems such as gastrointestinal upset, allergic reactions and chocking.

Since many moms like to introduce foods to their babies before the age of six months, we have also decided to take a closer look at gluten free baby food. Like its name suggests, it does not contain gluten, a protein that should not be ingested by infants younger than six months. Why? Because this protein can cause celliac disease, a painful condition which causes damage to small intestine and affects absorption of nutrients.

As you can see, introducing your baby to real foods requires much more than just a quality blender. So let us guide you in the selection of foods for your baby and provide him or her with the best nutrition possible.

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