Healthy Family Recipes

Healthy Family Recipes

You should start with nutrition for baby and parents as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed because your baby depends exclusively on the nutrients he or she receives through the placenta. Generally, there is no need to worry about your baby not receiving all the necessary nutrients for healthy growth and development if you eat a diverse and nutritionally balanced diet. But since some very important nutrients such as folic acid are difficult to obtain in recommended amounts from food sources alone, you will be also advised to take prenatal supplements by your doctor.

Besides making sure that you eat a healthy diet throughout your pregnancy, you should also slightly increase your caloric intake. This, however, does not mean you have to eat for two like you will probably be told by many people. On the contrary, gaining too much weight could be dangerous for your baby. How many extra calories you need during pregnancy and how much weight you should gain are determinedly discussed at our website. In addition to foods to eat to provide your baby with optimal conditions for growth, we also deal with foods and drinks to avoid in order to avoid potentially dangerous pregnancy complications.

You are recommended to continue with nutrition for baby and parents after delivery as well for both your own and your baby’s sake. By following healthy diet recommendations, you will be able to lose pregnancy weight a lot faster and avoid a number of overweight-related health problems. And if you will breastfeed your baby, you will continue to provide your child with just the right amount of nutrients. Whether to breastfeed or formula-feed your baby is up to you to decide but before you make your final decision, we urge you to check our website for benefits of breastfeeding which is also recommended as the best nutrition for babies by the American Academy of Pediatrics. But if you cannot breastfeed for one reason or the other, offers advice on how to choose baby formula and related issues.

Here at, you can also find lots of useful tips on when to introduce solid foods to your baby. We will help you determine when your baby is ready to be introduced to real foods, which foods are a good choice for babies and which should be avoided. We will also help you make your own baby food which is a much healthier option than ready-made baby foods.

If you think that preparing healthy foods for your baby is difficult, just wait until he or she reaches toddler age. Unlike babies who eat pretty much everything you give them, toddlers are extremely picky when it comes to food although they do not think twice about tasting your shoes or even your dog’s food. We do not mean to scare you but do you remember when we said to continue with healthy diet after delivery? The thing is that your child is learning by imitating you which also includes imitating the way and what you eat. As a result, he or she is more likely to eat a healthy diet if you eat it yourself.

If you start introducing your child to healthy foods during infancy and eat a healthy diet yourself, you will have a lot easier job once he or she reaches toddler age. But if it is already too late and you cannot make your toddler eat healthy foods, will help you understand the toddlers’ way of thinking and perception of food which in turn will enable you to help your child not only eat but enjoy a healthy diet. And by doing so, you will help your child develop healthy eating habits and stick to healthy diet when older as well.