FatherBeing daddy requires much more than providing the family with the financial security. Since mommy is focused exclusively on being there for the baby, it is daddy’s responsibility to earn enough money to support the family. But being daddy also means being there for your children.

They may not show it but men are just as excited about becoming a parent as their expecting partners. And when the big day finally arrives, they cannot hide their excitement any longer. However, the feelings of joy, pride and happiness are often mixed with fear about the changes a child brings as well as about the role of a daddy. A child is a big responsibility and for many couples, the life turns on its head. Babylifetime.com can help you prepare for the changes you are about to experience and learn to enjoy the role of a parent.

The arrival of the baby brings the couple closer together but in a way, it also alienates them. A baby requires mom’s attention virtually 24/7 and it is not usual for dads to feel kind of pushed aside.

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Combined with the burden of being the sole earner in the family, fatherhood fears and changes in sexual life, the feeling of being of secondary importance often aggravates the uneasiness which can cause tension and even conflict between the partners. We can help you understand why you feel the way that you do, how to overcome the uneasiness and fear and what can you do to stay as close with your partner as you were before the arrival of the baby.

The role of a dad has changed a lot in the recent years. Dads are no longer the ones who earn money and discipline children but they have also started to play an active role in child raising. After all, just like it takes two to make a baby, it takes two to raise one. It is not easy to be there for your children while being at work all day long but Babylifetime.com will show you how to be just as close to them as your partner who, by the way, cannot take care of children all by herself. Yes, being daddy also includes changing diapers if you are perhaps wondering as well as taking the kids to the park or on the beach, attending their school events, helping them with homework, etc..

By stepping in child raising and taking an active role in parenting, you will build a relationship with your children that lasts for a lifetime but you will also take some burden of child raising off your partner’s shoulders. That way you will allow her to spend some time alone to relax, clean up the house in peace, go shopping or whatever she wants to do as well as to save some energy for the two of you when the kids go to sleep. At the same time, you will show your kids how a loving relationship should look like and help them create one themselves when adult. They do not only learn from the two of you from the way you behave to them but the way you behave to each other as well.