What Does My Name Mean

What Does My Name Mean

What does my name mean is a question each parent has to answer sooner or later. It may not seem difficult at a first glance because most names have a specific meaning. However, it may be challenging to explain why and how did you select a particular name. Was it an ancestor’s or relative’s name and why this person was selected as a namesake? If you have created the name on your own, then for what reason and how? You will need to answer all these and many other questions when your child gets old enough to start wondering about the meaning of his or her name.

Every name has a deeper meaning and there is even a discipline that studies the origin and meaning of given names (onomastics). The name has a profound effect on who were are as individuals and how we are perceived by the outer world. Do not believe it? Just think on your childhood years. Yes, kids can be cruel and twist even the most beautiful names into something that can hunt you into the adulthood. And there is at least one child in each class who has his or her name twisted into an impossible nickname which is often very painful and emotionally stressful. But the problems with the name do not necessarily end by the time the child reaches adulthood. Have you ever met a person who simply does not look like Alfred for instance? It may be hard to imagine but there are people with names that just do not fit them. But even worse can be the so-called creative names. Many parents would like their child to be special but some let their imagination lead them too far which can make their child’s life very complicated. The same counts for names that are not selected with a great deal of attention to the last name. Just imagine that you are pulled over by the police and you say that your name is Tina Turner for instance. They probably would not consider it a funny coincidence. Choosing a baby name is fun but it is also a great responsibility.

The above mentioned example is an extreme but it clearly reveals what effect the chosen name can have on your child’s life. Each expecting couple has their own method of selecting baby name and have every right to name their baby how they like, however, it is highly important to try to imagine how it would feel to live with a particular name. As already mentioned earlier, most names have a meaning that should be taken into account as well when deciding between different names. For example, Sophia means wisdom, Michael means Who is like God, Ethan means strong and enduring, etc. Most of these names are used for hundreds of years and their meaning and origin usually are not important as long as they sound good with the last name. David is simply David and usually does not evoke any specific associations. Names, however, which reveal personal convictions, religion, ethnicity, etc. should be chosen very carefully.


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