Baby Girl Names

Baby Girl Names

There are literally millions of baby girl names to choose from but you can also let your imagination free and create a unique name for your baby girl. The best thing about baby girl names is the fact that you can get away with almost anything. If you are like most women, you probably already have a few baby girl names ready because most women like to fantasize about baby names before even considering getting pregnant. And if your partner agrees with your pre-selected names for a baby girl, you are done with the selection of a perfect name for your daughter. However, it is a unique pleasure going through girl names together with your partner, learn about meaning and origin of the names you like as well as to have a good laugh about the most unusual names. You should definitely take yourself some time to see what are your options because it is impossible to have all the names in your mind. Who knows, you may even come across a name you will literally fell in love with and change your mind completely.

Generally, you have two options. The first one is to choose a traditional name, while the second option requires a great deal of creativity. In the recent years tend to be very popular unique and kind of unusual names, however, it is important to keep in mind that the name trends change very soon. As a result, the names that are currently “in“ can be totally “out“ within a few years. Even more important is to try to put yourself in your daughter shoes. Think how would you feel with a particular name not only as a child but as an adult too. Try to be as objective as possible and keep in mind that you never know what kind of life your daughter will live. Coco for example is a great name for a fashion designer or an artist but is it a great name for a president too? The same counts for Apple and similar names that are currently very trendy.

Most people tend to associate traditional with boring. However, it is possible to find some great and “original“ traditional names if you only take yourself enough time to see the options. It is also worth to keep in mind that most names have a number of variations enabling you to follow the tradition and give a traditional name a touch of “freshness“ at the same time. In addition, a lot of traditional names almost “died“ out which is why you do not need to worry about your daughter sharing her name with three or more other girls in her class if you are careful with the selection. Just check the list of the most popular names and if a name you are considering is not among the most common choices, you can be sure that your daughter’s name will be traditional yet original. Keep in mind, however, that some names went out of fashion for a good reason.


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