Baby Lifetime provides you with valuable checklists and information to print out and plan your perfect baby arrival. Review the list of available downloads and come back often for new items. We update the list often with latest information that you can use as a mom or dad.

Planning To Get Pregnant? Here are the basic notes:

*Finding preffered practitioner (doctor).
*Preconception check up.
*Take prenatal vitamins – with folic acid.
*Discontinue smoking, caffeine and alcohol.

*Stop birth control use.
*Health insurance – Are you covered?
*Have your partner join you in diet and exercise.
*Look and examine other families you know.

What to Bring To Hospital: Download (EXCELL) / (PDF)
Hospital checklist form mommy and daddy not to forget anything on the big day. This selection will cover anything and you can rest assured that you will have all the items packed.

Baby Planning and Needs: Download (EXCELL) / (PDF)
Are you planning to have a baby soon? Here is a helpful sheet of what you will need right when the baby comes. It is a lot of necessities – so plan well.

Daily Baby Activity: Download (EXCELL) / (PDF)
Register all baby activity for feedings and diaper changes on one easy to use sheet.