Baby Parenting Questions

When will my baby sleep through the night?
Every baby is different and their sleep patterns are different as well. Some people report that their babies will sleep for 6-8 hours at 3 months while others still wake up frequently at one year of age. For the most part, a baby will sleep through the night by the time that they are 9 months old. Your baby will sleep when he is ready to do so.

How often will my baby need vaccinations?
When your baby is born, he will get a Hepatitis B shot. At 2 months, he will need DTP, Hepatitis B and Hib vaccines. Another set of DTP and Hib shots are required at 4 months and at 6 months along with Hepatitis B. Once your baby is 1 year old, he will need DTP, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Hib vaccines.

What are the usual vaccinations for babies?
Hepatitis B, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis and Influenza are the typical infant vaccines. The vaccines are given in a series. It is essential that you keep your baby’s vaccinations up-to-date to ensure that he is protected against these terrible illnesses.

Will I bond with my baby right away? What is the best way to bond?
Most parents feel an immediate bond once they lay their eyes on that gorgeous bundle of joy they created. Some take a little longer to form that attachment. The best way to bond with your little one is to hold him and feed him. Providing care to your newborn is the best form of bonding. He will depend on you for everything and that usually is all a parent needs to know for them to form an incredibly strong bond with their babies.

How often should I feed my newborn?
Typically, a newborn baby will want to eat between eight and twelve times each day. That pretty much means that you will be spending your time feeding your bundle of joy every 2 hours. Your baby will let you know when he is hungry and yes, you will learn to recognize his cries and what they mean. The average newborn eats between 2 and 4 ounces of breast milk or formula at every feeding.

How often should I give my newborn a bath?
Until your baby’s umbilical cord falls off, you should simply give him sponge baths. After that, a newborn only needs to be bathed a few times a week. That is, providing you are cleaning his private area during diaper changes and his face and neck after feedings. Too much bathing can dry out the baby’s skin and cause it to peel and become uncomfortable.

Will my baby and I bond right away and what should I do if we don’t?
Most parents bond with their babies immediately after delivery however; for some people, it takes time to formulate a bond. Cuddling, feeding and caring for your baby will help you to bond with him. If you are still having difficulty bonding with your newborn, you should consult your Obstetrician or Pediatrician. They will be able to assist you best.

How much will my baby sleep and how can I tell if he is sleeping too much?
Most parents never have to worry about their babies sleeping too much. On the average a newborn will sleep for 2-3 hours at a time. They will need to eat between 8 and 12 times daily. If your newborn is not waking up to eat at least 8 times in a day, you should consult your Pediatrician.

Do I wake up my newborn to feed him?
Your newborn should be waking you up every 2-4 hours. If he doesn’t wake up on schedule, check on him to ensure that he is ok. Continue to check on him every 15 minutes. More than likely, he just had a big day and is exhausted but if this problem persists, you should talk to your Pediatrician.

How do I clean my baby’s umbilical cord?
You’ll need a bottle of rubbing alcohol and cotton balls to clean the umbilical stump correctly. Put some alcohol on the cotton ball and dab the stump. Be sure to clean around the umbilical cord on the abdominal area. If the baby squirms, don’t worry. You aren’t hurting him. He is only squirming because the rubbing alcohol is cold against his body. This should be done at every diaper change.

What is the best care for a newborn’s rash?
Rashes are quite common in newborn babies. They can range from pimple like formations called neonatal acne to a host of other issues. Most rashes will go away on their own however; it is best to consult your Pediatrician as some can be the result of allergies or poor nutrition.

Breastfeeding hurts me. Is this normal?
New Moms can experience a lot of discomfort when they begin to breastfeed their babies. This is not at all uncommon. The breasts can become tender and the nipples sore from suckling. You can speak to your Obstetrician or breastfeeding coach about this problem. Normally, the discomfort passes quickly and you will enjoy breastfeeding your bundle of joy!