Birth is the most exciting and the most feared part of pregnancy. On the one hand, you probably cannot wait to finally meet that little “kicker” eye to eye but on the other, you are most likely afraid of the pain.

The good news is, however, that you can make your birth a less painful event and is here to help you make the right choice for you and your baby.

At our website, you can find extensive information about different birth types such as water and home births which have become a popular alternative to hospital delivery in the recent years. If you would like to relieve labor pain but have second thoughts about pain relievers, you may be a good candidate for delivery in a birthing tub. It is filled with warm water which helps reduce stress, relieves the pain, shortens the first stage of labor and reduces the risk of tearing. We have of course also reviewed the risks of this type of birth, what to expect, how to prepare and where to look for hospitals or birthing centers that are equipped with birthing tubs.

We have also took a closer look at pros and cons of home birth in case you are considering to give childbirth in the comfort of your home. Then, our website provides a guide to natural birth which remains the most common method of delivery despite the fact that it can involve a great deal of pain. At, you can of course also find out all about C-section and premature birth which can be unfortunately very dangerous for your baby. Although preterm delivery usually cannot be prevented, you can dramatically reduce the risk of complications by knowing the signs of preterm labor that can be found at our website as well.

In addition to help you choose between different types of birth, we can also help you prepare for the big event by enabling you to learn everything there is learn about labor and delivery including the stages of labor, labor pains and the available pain relief, signs of labor to watch for as your due date approaches and other aspects of labor. That way you will be able to reduce the anxiety you may be experiencing and be able to gain some control over one of the most important events in your life at the same time.

Since the big day is not all up to you (and your baby), we will also help you develop a birth plan in order to have it “your way” in the greatest extent possible. There is always a chance of unforeseen events and your medical team will always consider your and your baby’s safety first. But a well-developed birth plan will provide them with guidance on how to react in situations that allow multiple options.

In the end, we will take a closer look at fun parts of delivery including birth announcements to share the happy news with your family and friends. They may not show it but they are just as excited about the big day as you, if not even more so. Your loved ones will most certainly appreciate you for sharing the happy news with them, especially if you do it in a fun and creative way.