Newborn Health and Safety

Newborn Health & Safety

During the first few months, your baby will be protected from some of the most dangerous diseases by the antibodies he or she has received from you before birth. And if you breastfeed your newborn, he or she will get even more protective antibodies. Unfortunately, this does not mean your little angel cannot develop any health problems. In fact, there are many things that can go wrong with babies. For that reason it is very important to know what to watch for in order to be able to seek medical help on time.

By being well informed about newborn health/safety issues, you will not only be able to detect signs of a potential health problem before it gets serious but you may also be able to prevent it from affecting your little angel. We therefore encourage you to take a few minutes to learn more about common newborn health/safety concerns.

We have covered some of the most common newborn health/safety concerns, some of which can potentially be very dangerous including SIDS, jaundice, colic, thrush and roseola virus. But we have also included useful tips on how to avoid them and what to do if you think that your baby may have a health problem. Fortunately, many of the mentioned issues can be both successfully treated or/and prevented.

Our team also encourages you to read our articles about other baby health issues including eczema, acne, umbilical granuloma and umbilical hernia, and how to protect your baby against hepatitis A and hepatitis B.