Baby Growth and Development

Baby Growth Development

Your baby will grow bigger, much bigger by the first birthday. Within just one year, babies grow up to 10 inches and weigh triple as much as at birth. But is your baby growing rapidly enough and gaining enough weight? How can you tell if he or she is developing properly? Well, this is why we are here.

Our Baby Growth category is loaded with information about baby growth and development which will help you determine whether your little one is meeting the standards of healthy growth and development. But since your little one will not only grow bigger and stronger but will also reach a number of milestones, we will take closer look at these as well. When your little angel will start talking, make the first step and get his or her first tooth are only a few of many questions we will answer.

We will also answer many other questions you may have in regard to your baby’s growth, behavior and milestones as well as how to help your little one grow in both physical and cognitive sense. Also included is an overview of developmental problems and things to watch for in order for your child to receive proper treatment as soon as possible.

Lastly, we will go through vaccinations and immunization schedule. We will take a closer look at why is it so important to have your child vaccinated and when it is best time for him or her to receive the vaccines. And since there has been a lot of controversy about some vaccines causing autism in the recent years, we will also reveal the truth behind these claims.