BabiesBabies are a great joy but they are also a great responsibility. They are extremely vulnerable and fragile little beings, while crying is virtually their only mean of communication during the first few months. Thus it is not unusual to feel scared about not holding your baby correctly, worry that he or she may be in pain when crying or that your little angel may not be getting enough to eat. There are thousands of things that can go wrong with babies and it is not difficult to get overwhelmed about your new role as a parent, especially with the first child. But with, you can overcome the parenting fears and learn what is normal for babies and when it is time to take your little one to the doctor.Apart from eating, sleeping and crying, newborns do not do much. And everything they do they do on command. Babies are not interested if you are hungry or tired. They do not, however, do it to annoy you but because their little stomachs are unable to hold larger quantities of food and because their nervous system and brain are not ready for prolonged periods of sleep until the age of 4 to 6 months. We will help you determine when your baby is ready to sleep through the night and how to establish a healthy sleeping routine.We have also covered all possible topics on baby feeding including how to breastfeed correctly, which formula to choose if you cannot breastfeed for one reason or the other, how often to feed your little one, when to introduce solid foods, how to use breast pump, etc.. Whatever questions you may have about baby feeding, you can be sure to find an answer here on

Since the first year of life involves rapid growth and development, we have also covered the most important aspects of baby development. These enable you to make sure that your little one is growing and developing normally. Our website of course cannot replace regular medical checkups but it can help you keep track of your baby’s development and spot early signs of potential developmental and health problems that require medical attention.

Besides offering plenty of information on “baby need to knows”, our website also offers advice on how to reduce the risk of health problems and deal with bothersome conditions such as diaper rash, flat head, cradle cap, baby eczema, gas, burping, etc.. You will probably also find useful our When Is Time For section which deals with the most important milestones during the first year of life including when to expect your baby to start talking, crawling, rolling over, change eye color and teething.

At, you can also find out everything about baby skin care, bathing, activities, tummy time and other major topics including baby vaccinations and immunization schedule, how to bond with your child, how to choose diapers, babysitter vs daycare, things to look for when searching for a crib and changing table and much, much more. We have also dedicated an entire section to safety on the road including car safety rules, how to choose the best car seat and other safety measures to follow when having a baby on board.