Meet Puzzi – Revolutionizing Puzzles

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We recently discovered a new toy for children that makes a bend in classical puzzle toy manufacturing. Sort of like a new angle on puzzle gaming. It is called Puzzi and we would love to know what you think about it.

Puzzi is the first educational puzzle which utilizes meaningful shaped puzzle connectors to become more than just a puzzle!

A little bit about Puzzi.

Inspired by their children, supported by their families, and created with the desire to aid children of all ages in learning. “Puzzi” pronounced as (Puh-Zee) primary mission is to be a vessel to help children develop basic skills that will be confidence building, and mentally sharpening throughout their entire life.

With family being the focus of this project, 3 friends came together and created a revolutionary brand of learning aids for children called “Puzzi’. “Puzzi” will inspire children and their parents to work together in a traditional setting and begin the amazing process learning. Studies show that children learn when they are supported. Parents are happy when their children are learning, and children are encouraged by other children to learn.

With this potential domino effect in mind “Puzzi” is sure to be around for generations to come”

You can visit their website here: Meet Puzzi Website,
or become a part of their vision and join the movement here: Meet Puzzi Kickstarer