American Moms Want Part Time Work

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American Moms Want Part Time WorkMost American moms consider part-time employment their ideal work situation, show the results of a survey by the Pew Research Center. Surveyed moms said they would prefer to have a part-time job over both full-time work and staying at home. But the researchers from the Pew also noted that there is a major difference in moms’ view of their ideal work situation according to their marital status and income level.

Part-time work has been viewed as an ideal work situation by most American moms ever since 1997 when the Pew began to survey women with one or more children aged under 18. As the results of the recent survey (conducted in 2012) reveal, 47 percent of moms would prefer a part-time job as opposed to 50 percent in 2007 and 44 percent a decade earlier.

Over 40 percent of moms who currently work full-time said they would rather work part-time, while nearly 10 percent of them said they would prefer if they didn’t have to work outside home at all. Slightly less than one half of moms with full-time employment said they are happy with the way things are.

Part-time employment has also been found to be the most desirable among moms who currently don’t have a job. 40 percent of them said having a part-time job would be ideal for them. Only about one fifth would rather work full-time, while slightly more than one third wouldn’t change anything in regard to their work status.

As the Pew researchers noted, moms’ view of their work status is influenced greatly by their economic situation. 40 percent of moms whose family income is below $50,000 per year said they would like to have a full-time job as opposed to only 25 percent of moms with an income of over $50,000.

Marital status was also found to play an important role in moms’ evaluation of their ideal work situation. Since single moms as sole earners in the family in average have a considerably lower income than married ones, they found full-time job more desirable. Nearly one half of them said full-time work is ideal for them, with slightly over one third expressing a wish to work only part-time. Married moms, on the other hand, found part-time employment more appealing. Over 50 percent of them would choose a part-time job, while less than one quarter would opt for full-time employment.

According to the Pew Research Center, moms’ view of their ideal work situation largely corresponds with the public opinion about moms with young children working/not working. The 2012 Pew survey of the general population about ideal work situation for American moms reveals that about one half of the public thinks that part-time job is most appropriate, while about one third of people said moms with young children should stay at home. Only slightly above 10 percent of the general public said moms should be working full-time.

As much as dads with young children are concerned, the public opinion about their ideal work situation is completely the opposite to that about moms’. As many as 70 percent of surveyed people said dads should have a full-time employment, while 26 percent of them said it would be better for them to work only part-time. Only 4 percent of the general population supported the idea of dads staying at home.