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The First Lady on Motherhood and Future Plans


Michelle Obama has opened up to the Parade Magazine on motherhood, life in the White House and her future plans. Among other, she also talked about the campaign against childhood obesity and why she decided to focus on this issue, and shared her thoughts about her approaching 50th birthday (in January 2014).

In the interview with the Parade Magazine, the First Lady revealed that she experiences the same challenges as other moms who are raising two teenage daughters. Although living in the White House, 15-year-old Malia and 12-year-old Sasha have to follow certain rules as well. However, Miss Obama also said she tries to provide them as much independence as possible. She said she let her daughters know that she is preparing them for both college and life, and that they need to know the boundaries. The First Lady explained that her daughters are still expected to follow the screen time rules.

When asked about her oldest daughter’s further education, Miss Obama hinted that Malia is considering where to go to college but she also said she doesn’t want to rush her. The First Lady told the Parade Magazine that she is aware of the pressure kids are experiencing and that she doesn’t want it to affect her daughter’s high school experience.

The First Lady on Motherhood and Future PlansThe First Lady also explained what she meant by describing herself as a single mom. She said she above all meant on her husband having a huge responsibility which interferes with his responsibility as a father. Miss Obama said she supports her husband and gives him credit for knowing their schedule and who are truly their friends. But she added that he isn’t calling the dance studio or dealing with the next year’s classes. She said she thinks that it is very important for the parents to share the responsibility for children.

As mentioned earlier, Miss Obama also talked about her campaign against childhood obesity and why she made it her priority. She said they have managed to show the Americans that childhood obesity is a serious issue which needs much more attention than it received in the past. But besides raising public awareness about this issue, they have also managed to turn a challenging problem into a manageable one, while the campaign has started showing results. The goal is to reduce the numbers within one generation, the First Lady added.

When asked about her approaching 50th birthday, the First Lady said she has never felt more self-confident and certain in who she is as a woman. However, she also said she is always thinking about her health and making sure that she is eating healthy and being adequately physically active, adding that she wants to be fit and healthy 80-, 90-year old.

Miss Obama was very clear about her eventual presidential run, answering simply “no” when asked if she will ever run herself. She refused to speculate whether Hillary Clinton will be the first female president of the United States but she said she is convinced that the country will have a female commander-in-chief during her lifetime.

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