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Dr. John Duffy on Teenagers Behaving Badly


Dr. John Duffy on Teenagers Behaving BadlyDr. John Duffy is a nationally known parenting expert. On early August, 2013 he appeared on a morning talk show where he was featured in a special segment. The focus of the segment was kids talking back. This is one of the universal issues most parents face. Dr. Duffy is known for helping parents with both practical and approachable advice.

The conversation included teens telling Dr. Duffy why they talk back. The teens were asked what it would take to prompt them to stop this defiant behavior. The results of the research done live were amazing and successful at the same time.

Dr. Duffy is a certified life coach as well as a parenting expert. He is a highly sought after clinical psychologist and a proud parent. He has spent fifteen years working with tweens, teens and their families. Critical intervention has been provided by him and he has provided the support needed to help hundreds of families. He is a regular on the Steve Harvey show and the Morning Blend on NBC. He is proud to be the regular relationship and parenting expert on these shows.

In his book, The Available Parent, he gives parents new strategies for helping their adolescents become resilient, competent, connect adults. Dr. Duffy believes it is not teenagers that are the only ones who are not available. He believes that far too often it is the parents who strike first with fear, anger, judgment and ego. He believes that when this occurs, the teens are simply reacting in kind.

Teen-tested strategies can be found in The Available Parent. The strategies are designed to change this dynamic. Available parents are open to non-judgmental, loving discussions. They offer advice but don’t insist that the child take it. These parents are self-aware. They keep their own emotions in check. Their availability has no limits. More importantly, they don’t hover over their children and don’t become overly involved. They recognize that their children need to be given a wide berth. Their children have to be allowed to make decisions, whether good or bad. This allows them to learn from both.

If you would like to read more about the Available Parents, Dr. John Duffy offers private advice and additional books on his website.

Janice Watkins
Janice Watkins

After working in toddler and care preschools for 12 years, Janice is proud mom and care provider that ensures superior care for all whom she takes care of.Janice is an ideal ambassador not only for baby lifetime, but for nursing as a whole. Deeply devoted to her kids, she is known to sacrifice personal comfort so that they may get the care that they need. She is also an excellent researcher of family and baby subjects. Check me out at Google

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