The Baby Lifetime, is a Texas non-profit news corporation, whose mission is to bring awareness of latest research and parenting news. Our goal is also to financially help organizations that actively work to improve the quality of life in our communities and world (Help The Children). Please note that we do not collect or accept donations. There are many of non profits that already do – we simply want to educate you and raise awareness through our news website and services provided to make better selection if you are in the mood for help and charity.

Our organization is designed to provide parenting and philanthropy news directed services. Our Board is responsible for planning and running day to day affairs of the business and news updates.  Currently, we have one main news editor  and 6 day to day writers/editors. Each one of our editors is featured below their news story and you can also see their details on this page. Our board and authors on the website are various doctors, educators, nurses, and business executives All of our staff executives are experienced and successful individuals who decided that they want more out of life, and bring something more to our community.

What We Provide:
Besides abundance of information on parenting and philanthropy latest news, we continue to expand on services we provide. Our focus is to also to raise awareness for children in need around the world. Some feature services:
– Parenting News (Focusing on Mother and Baby)
– Baby Name Finder – Find name for your baby!
– Download Printable Daily Guides.
– Philanthropy News (Focusing on Children)

How To Reach Us:
Direct Phone: (714) 623-7677
or you can use our CONTACT FORM to expedite your question.

Our Editors and Writers:

Janice Watkins

Janice Watkins | Contact Author
After working in toddler and care preschools for 12 years, Janice is proud mom and care provider that ensures superior care for all whom she takes care of. Janice is an ideal ambassador not only for baby lifetime, but for nursing as a whole. Deeply devoted to her kids, she is known to sacrifice comfort so that they may get the care they need. Excellent researcher of family and baby subjects.

Jessica Rashiv

Jessica Rashiv | Contact Author
Award-winning researcher/author with superb skills; editor of books and articles. Former in-house Assistant Editor and Proofreader of a peer-reviewed family linguistic journal. She also edited or ghostwritten books published nationwide. Skilled in research, editing and writing baby and family subject materials and literature. Ph.D. with sixteen years of university teaching experience.

Gloria Perkins

Gloria Perkins | Contact Author
Registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. I have written two successful books, hundreds of medical articles for trade publications, a consumer magazine, a legal publication and a private foundation. I am honored to serve as a peer reviewer for Baby Lifetime.

Holly Tavandine

Holly Tavandine | Contact Author
With over 5,000 articles under her belt published over the internet, Holly is an experienced and professional copywriter. Her creative approach, combined with outstanding research and technical abilities bring top quality press release and news story articles. Her time in the child care industry give her stories sensitivity and ability to relate to people.

Annette Jenkins

Annette Jenkins | Contact Author
Registered Nurse for 15+ years. With strong writing and computer skills. I have a passion for both writing and medicine, and I love to combine my two loves into a professional, well-written, and accurate research article. With a background in nursing, I am uniquely qualified to research and write on a variety of health-related topics.

Elizabeth Price

Elizabeth Price | Contact Author
She is not only a quality nursing writer, but also a sought-after spokesperson, promoting quality nursing practice. Elizabeth does workshops, symposia, conventions, international meetings, radio shows, as well as newspaper interviews. Her unique ability to use humor in presenting concepts on nursing is always very popular. She is very professional and highly skilled in her practice.

Jessy Kim
Jessy Kim | Contact Author
Freelance writer and author. She has written extensive news articles about topics such as health, beauty, entertainment, fashion, fitness and many more topics. On the other hand, she also likes to write her own novels and is currently finishing her first novel. She loves to write crime, mystery and factual dramas. She lives in Easton with her family.

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